2022 Judges

Ruby Rare (she/they)

Ruby Rare (she/they) is a sex educator on a mission to get people talking more confidently and inclusively about sex. 

Their debut book Sex Ed: A Guide for Adults was published in 2020, and in 2022 their podcast docu-series In Touch was released. Ruby is listed on the 2022 Diva Power List for trailblazers changing the game for queer representation.

Jay Hawkridge (he/him)

Jay Hawkridge (he/him) Activist, Journalist, and Educator, Jay became public with his HIV diagnosis in Summer 2020 after becoming positive in late 2019. 

He utilised TikTok to share his response as a young person living with HIV in real time, discussing mental and sexual health among changes in his identity. 

Aisha Mirza (they/them)

Aisha is a writer, DJ, counsellor & curator whose work explores the relationship between queerness, race, mental health & art. 

They are the founder of misery (@miseryparty), a mental health charity & sober club night which centers healing for queer, trans & intersex Black people & people of colour. Since 2020 Aisha has been the advice columnist at Gal-Dem (@galdemzine).

Marc Thompson (he/him)

Marc Thompson is a long-time activist with extensive experience in sexual health and HIV prevention. 

As director of @thelovetankcic and co-founder of @teamprepster, he has pushed for greater awareness of PrEP and to make it available on the NHS, and has been at the forefront of the essential dialogue around HIV and sexual health. 


Dee (they/them)

Dee (they/them) is a queer nonbinary Sex Educator and Content Creator. They create queer-focused sex and identity resources via their page @S3xtheorywithdemi. 

Dee also delivers workshops and seminars on all things queer and sex related. They also work as a full-time Content Creator for PinkNews, creating Explainer Videos covering different sexual identities and labels.